Thursday, July 26, 2007

[Mood : Feverish and tired =( ]
[Listening : Baby Baby - JJ Lin... I love this song <3 ]

Something made me feel breathtakingly happy today, before accounts class. Yup yup, I saw him when and where I least expected to, and it so totally made my day ^^ I guess he probably had a very good reason for being there that had nothing to do with me (don't want to get my hopes up XD )... but I was still feeling so dazed, happy and dreamy even when acc class started. That is, until the class got scolded by Ms Alicia Foo, and about yesterday's class assignment/test... the one I know I made quite a lot of silly mistakes in. AND it was supposed to be an easy paper to 'pull up our internal assessment'. That really brought me crashing down to Earth.

Hehe... Gary said Jen and I mostly talk about guys during lunch. Well, I actually hardly talk about guys with other people except Aaron... so when Jen and I meet up twice a week for lunch, we tend to catch up on each other's guys. And although it's guys in the plural form, it's really mainly just 3 specimens of the male sex that we find interesting enough to talk about. One is him, the other is Wye Luun and the third is the 'guy in pink' with the Kevin aura (long story XD ) that sometimes asks Jen out for lunch.

Econs assignment is due tomorrow before 10 a.m. Wish me the best of luck. Currently, I feel so konked out that the last thing on my mind is how trade agreements leave negative impacts and MNCs are racist big bullies.

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