Monday, July 09, 2007

I really have to snap out of this habit of mine... making multiple posts in a day =p

Anyway, it just struck me. If we're talking about material stuff, I probably can't live without music, books, pen and paper.

The music and English geek has spoken XD

P/S : Btw, I think I DO have a good sense of humour... I can shrug off stuff and laugh at myself. Well, I won't elaborate on how I came to this conclusion... only that reading something made me realize that. And it makes me realize how glad (and lucky, fortunate, etc) I am to have a girl like Jen as a friend, and there should be more Jen's in the world. Pretty, smart, down to earth, subtle, supportive and... totally not girly girly. Thank Goodness for Auli, Bernie, Tze Yin, Pei Zhe and Yin Fong as well! Or else I'll be in a bit of a sticky predicament - one girl hanging out among the guys.

Haha... I seem to get shivers when I listen to talk about make-up, clothes, gossip, etcetera

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