Thursday, July 12, 2007

[Mood : Happy ^^ ]
[Listening : Leave for Vacation - SMTOWN ]

I'm a little disappointed with this year's Summer SMTOWN's title track. Leave for Vacation is... I don't know... not as catchy as my fav (so far) SM Summer song - Hotmail. Now, mi amigos, that was one heck of a fun song. Sure, the warbling was a little on the weak side... but it was light, upbeat, catchy, and most of all what a "let's frolic under the sun song" should have - oodles of FUN! Not that Leave for Vacation isn't fun, it just kinds of misses the mark with me.

The SM artistes rendition of Under the Sea (one of my all time fav Disney songs! ^^ ) however, is (in my opinion XD ) really nice. Hehe... it's a refreshing change to hear a Korean version of the song ne! ^^

Bon Odori is two days away! Oh, how Adele cannot wait for Saturday evening! XD

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