Friday, July 20, 2007

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I am so dead =p This weekend's a very tight schedule for me, and to make matters worse, next week is worth 24% in internal assessment marks math-wise. To further aggregate the already horrible situation, LAN project dateline and Accounting test is next week as well.

So... you might ask, what makes Adele such a busy bee on Saturday and Sunday? Well, first of all will be the copious amount of mugging I'll have to do. Next, Saturday is Harry Potter day. Worldwide, Saturday is nothing but Harry Potter and the anguish of ending a long journey undertaken with Harry and friends not to mention finding out which characters kick the bucket. Harry has been in my life since I was 9, when my very kind uncle got me the first 3 books from UK, so the end of the road is somewhat sentimental for me. Heck, I guess you could say I grew up with Harry, and not having the release date of the next HP book to look forward to is a little unthinkable. Plus I don't like the movies, so this is really the end of the hype for me. But it's fitting though. Harry comes of wizarding age in this last book, while I come of age in less than a month's time.

I don't think I'll be able to finish the book in one and a half days this time though. Saturday is also the day I'll be attending a party in the evening. I love Aunty Joyce's dinner parties as there's usually good food, tasteful decorations and lavish setting. And I might just meet the elusive second cousin who's also in Taylor's but whom I have no impression of.

Anyway, just a friendly reminder, the magic both starts and ends for the last time this Saturday. I have a feeling this book isn't going to have much of my beloved Quidditch, but we'll see XD

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