Monday, July 02, 2007

[Mood : Reflective ]
[Listening : Cookie Day (I love the lyrics XD ) - Shounen Knife ]

Cookie day, cookie day, it's a beautiful cookie day ^^

It's a funny coincidence (or maybe not XD ) and some may even think of it as ironic, but out of my closest and tightest group of friends/ex-classmates, 3 are in Taylor's Main Campus in SJ. Hehe... that's like half of of the group =)

And like Gary said... he didn't expect to end up in Taylor's. I guess it was a much easier choice for me seeing as how only Taylor's and Inti offers SAM. But there are still not many ex-Samadians at Main Campus ne. Good thing Gary joined the July intake for A-Levels. Now I have someone to talk about F1 with, poor guy XD

[Fangirling] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out in 18 day's time! ^^ Bon Odori is next week too! Once I clear the hurdle of Econs and IT tests (unless there are more tests waiting to spring out and torment us students), the upcoming weekends should be a veritable treasure chest of fun events! There's a new chapter of Rockin' Heaven out as well. Beats me what happened though, as my connection's a tad slow today so I'll just have to download it another time I guess. Should be interesting though because Sawa and Ran confessed to each other in the previous chapter ^^

Aaargh! I can't charge my Nano again! The last time, I had to restart my computer before the device could be recognized. Oh well. No choice, right?

Fun Fact (yeah right XD ) : Google Ichigo Ramen and the first result you'll get is my Vox blog *wink* Bet ya didn't know that...

I've uploaded my Perak holiday pics to the comp but feeling kind of sluggish to sift through and post them now. Maybe sometime and somewhere over the rainbow... =p

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