Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Mwahaha XD You must be thinking, this gal has elephant-thick skin.

...But it's true, I'm an amateur detective! Somewhat :P

You see, I was wondering from this poster below:

Cheesy Macaroni! Is that Holmes and Watson?! 0.0

I always thought they'll look like this:

Aren't they supposed to be like, a lil frumpy?

And then I put two and two together. Eureka! The magical word's Hollywood!

Which studio will want to invest in frumpy detectives aye?

I don't think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever intended for Holmes to ditch his signature tweed coat, but those are pretty awesome outfits there ^^

Dandified version of the world's best known fictional detective XD

Need more proof that I'm an amateur Sherlock Holmes?

Me sniffed out the location of the mystery image Nuffnang sneakily hid in 2 blogs =D

Try finding my tiny watermark too, and spy on which sites I browse~ ;)

My watermark's really pretty and sweet (humor me? I hardly edit my pics, even if it's just MS Paint :P) , but it's barely visible. Boo-hoo :(

The next puzzle I want to solve is the mystery of Stephy-nie XD

I stalk follow her on Blogger, FB, MSN and even have her number... but I've never met her! o.0

How now strawberry cow? Surely I must decode the mystery surrounding her, and find out more about the case whereby she helpfully posted clues in her blog on how to track down the images :P

2 sweets:

stephy-nie said...

LOL! hahaha. yah yah m so good I hor i posted the obvious clues ther for this competition XD I better get these tickets!!

Joshu@law said...

Good luck in winning the movie passes! :)

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