Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comic Fiesta today was awesome! ^^

Didn't stay long but I got to dress up and bring along plushie Mokona XD

But... I knocked my car into the blardy pillar at Sunway Pyramid's teeny tiny parking lot T.T

~ Pics of my semi-lolita outfit when I get it uploaded =D


P/S: East Asian culture enthusiasts, here's your new time-waster XD

3 sweets:

wen pink said...

i heard about the comic fiesta too! saw some photos of my frens uploaded into the facebook! heard it was awesome! and i am sorry to hear about ur car =/

Adele said...

Wen Pink - It was great fun! Most of the full body/decent shots are in my bf's camera and he hasn't uploaded it yet.

Mine are camwhore-style, cellphone quality pics XD

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