Sunday, January 13, 2008

Up Close and Personal

Accent: Malaysian-British-Australian... yup, I know that's bad XD
Beverage of choice: Sky juice
Chore I hate: Taking out the rubbish >_<
Dog or Cat: I like stuffed toys
Essential Electronics: Every single one I own
Favorite perfume/cologne: Miracle by Lancome... alternately, Annick Goutal
Gold or Silver: Gold
Hometown: Melaka
Insomnia: No
ob Title: Procrastinating Student
Kids: Maybe one day =P
Living arrangement: Double Storey house in Dee-Jay, and moving away soon
Most Admired Trait: Selflessness
Number of countries visited: 4, I think
Overnight Hospital Stays: None since after I was born
Phobia: If you know, you know XD
Quote: "To give up is to fail"
Religion: Modern Buddhism
Siblings: 1 (much) younger brother
Time I wake up: anything between 4.30a.m. to 12 p.m.
Unusual talent/skill: Making simple sentences/ideas un-simple
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brinjal
Worst Habit: Procrastination
X-rays: 1
Yummy foods I make: Boiled eggs... honestly, I make them just right
Zodiac sign: L-E-O

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