Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breezin' through ^^

I'm feeling better and hopefully the sore throat won't take a turn for the worst. Managed to catch up with Managerial Economics assignment today.

Gosh do I detest formulas and calculations =.=

But, but, but..... something more cheery! =D

Space Munkeys XD

Sorry for the blah expression =P

First time taking pics with 3D glasses on. Weird experience indeed, hehe.

The pic's taken by KF and his cam, hence the overall 'look' is slightly different from mine.

Oh, and I finally watched The Cabinet of Dr Caligari!

It's an old, old, old (XD) film that we're encouraged to watch as part of Screen Theories and Techniques, although the movie's no longer in the syllabus.

Up for a not-so-scary, silent, horror film? =P

P/S: P.C. Ichigo Ramen saw a gorgeous blue party dress for sale at big-a-BOO blogshop!

It's her size and looks like it would fit really well on curvier babes ^^ Unfortunately though, she can't think of a reason to spend RM65 on an Australian import party dress she'll rarely wear.

Head on over if you're interested, before she changes her mind ;)

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