Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Woot! My hair has a new 'do'! ^^

Hehe, it's a little like what Carla Bruni had a while back.

I did rebonding too though, so it looks rather like these:

Camilla Belle

Chio chic XD

The KF loves the new hairstyle :P

Quite a few of my friends had trouble recognizing me though, lol! I haven't had bangs and sleek hair for ages =D

Will post up real pics if possible (:

Overall I'm happy and satisfied with it. The stylist at Top Passion @ Tropicana City Mall did a good job ^^

And.... and... his assistant is a cutie! XD Bishie lovers, they've got hot hairstylists there, teehee.

Ohh, this is the new Miss Universe:

Stefanie Fernandez

I think she's really gorgeous. Classic Latin beauty and a lovely red gown ^^

But my gosh, imagine winning a major title at only 18! 0.0

She looks older than 18 though. Sort of a mature look instead of youthful innocence.

Undeniable however that she's got a great pageant wardrobe! =D

Her answer for the Q&A session's a classic too. When asked what challenges women face in heading a business, she replied that women have reached the same status as men.

Sassy and original ;)

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