Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hehe, couldn't resist sharing the above picture.

Truth is, my room's lighting is the total opposite of the "emo bulb" now. It's a new tube of daylight fluorescent lamp... it feels like I'm sitting under the sun minus the heat.

Except that I am emo-ing over exams. Just as well the lights are like a smack in the face (and eyes *ouch*) to be optimistic XD

(I love natural daylight, btw ^^ )

Kit's sent over my package today! ^^ Probably receiving it in a couple of days' time. Zeus grant me the strength to actually read my lecture and tutorial notes instead of those enticing novels =.=

Btw, you've got to check this out!

I'm not gonna spoil the fun by giving away too much, so just head on over and explore.

It's really interesting. Trust me ;)

Ta-to for now. Going for a complimentary beauty treatment later in DJ, and getting my hair cut... maybe XD

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