Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avalanche - Marie Digby

I'll be the first to admit I'm no fan of Marie Digby, not because I don't like her - I'm just not that interested.

I don't know when Avalanche was released except that it's off her 2nd album, as I first heard the song on the radio.

It entertained me for a brief few minutes while I was annoyed that I was late for MUSA's appreciation dinner, battling the rain and rush hour traffic XD

The radio's what actually makes driving so enjoyable for me, singing aloud in the car with no one else to listen to your off key tunes ;)

Avalanche is one of those songs lah, good for chilling out to and it'll definitely appeal to the young crowd. I know I would love this song to bits if I was, say, 15 =P

Just like how I would be crazy over Hannah Montana's Best of Bost Worlds *grin*

2 sweets:

kenwooi said...

i still love her 'say it again' =)


Adele said...

Me too ^^ 'Say it again' is really sweet and somehow sounds less like a tween song for the Hannah Montana crowd XD

Never really did like the acoustic version of Umbrella much though >.<

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