Monday, December 29, 2008

Hola! Missed me? XD

Let's just say it's been a while since I've had such a busy December =D


First things first, Comic Fiesta was a great experience. Although I only attended the first day, I think I'm seriously addicted to cosplaying =P

Awesome artwork!

There were so many great cosplayers (!) (costume, in-characterness & photography posing) and booths that I was so tempted to splurge and get dar to photograph everything in sight XD

- Doujins : check
- Original artwork : check
- Pins and badges : check
- Figurines : check
- Lolita headbands : check
- Misc anime related stuff : check

So darn hard to resist and tighten the pocket strings k.

I was a (err.......... somewhat) good girl and only =P bought:

Cat ears (no, really... scroll down to see *hehe* )
Spirited Away clay figurine in cute little bottle
Noir Mystere Volume 4 (original Gothic Loli manga)

Dar managed to get a great Imation portable hard disk @ a good price too. Yay!

One of the booths with lots of cute stuff.
Got my Spirited Away bottle thing there =)

See my cuuute cat ears? Emi-chan (Amy) has one too!
Neko-fied Musubi and Edward XD

A lot more photos at KF's Picasa gallery here!


Paperdoll was featured in a post at A Shopaholics Den.

Whee! Hehe. Many pretty pics of the pretty store, so do check out the post and let it tempt you into dropping by Tropicana City Mall ;)


Mr Yip got his photo published in The Star on the 27th *throws confetti (and cleans up afterward XD )*

Clickie to see the pic from the future world renowned photographer =P


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