Monday, January 04, 2010

Omigosh, Omigosh, Omigosh!



Who said university libraries were boring eh? =P

My very unexpected find:

It's fate! :P

I love the cover design and the lace pattern. Everything from font to colours go very well with the Lolita side of the novel.

Ahh, Monash Sunway library book stockist... whoever you are, sankyuuuuuu for this pop culture gem of a novel! (In hardcover too, oh you're such a saint! ^^ )

This is the very book by Novala Takemoto on which the Kamikaze Girls movie is based on. The very same movie that made me first aware of Lolita Brand (yup, Brand with a much revered capital B) clothing.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!

Staff of BTSSB, one of the most well-known sweet lolita Brands ^^

*Yes! It's a bit of a dream job*

Although the older me has come to love Metamorphose more than BTSSB, the thrill still remains XD

Metamorphose is IMO slightly more Sweet Classic Lolita and a little more flattering for those above 16 years old, as there is the cut-off age even among the rorita community where sweet becomes vile.

Anyway, the movie is on my must watch list after I've moved house on the 11th, as a reward for "making the move" ^^

*I never got around to watching it although it's been years. With the book though, now's probably the right time :) *

The trailer looks so deliciously promising!

Ahh, forget about the trailer, even the movie posters are rabu-rabu material :D

I've heard great stuff about Anna Tsuchiya's take on the motorbike riding, Yanki gyaru Ichigo ;)

Finally, I leave you with an article on Vivienne Westwood's legendary Rocking Horse Ballerina shoes ^^


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wen pink said...

aww sweet! it's not a bad thing going library after all, hor? hehe.. good find!! well done!

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