Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kyaaa! @@

I've been MIA for so long on my bloggu :(

My modem fried and sizzled on Monday, in a heavy thunderstorm. I've a new one now but guess what? I don't know how to connect to the wireless at my house through my laptop T.T (Noob, noob NOOB! >.< )

So, I have to use the computer in the study room, accompanied by lots and lots of mosquitoes that like to feast on me. Gee!

Ok, here's the plan - if you can call it a plan -

...I'm going to do a write up of the blogshops I've shopped at!

(Sorry Jo, I know you hate 'em)

No cover-ups, no sugar coating, just the bare truths. Brownies will be awarded if deserved and slush will be flung appropriately too ^^

This will only be up tentatively around end Feb/early March though. I've got to clear out of my house and move to the new (better!) one by February, so let this pack rat put her (many many) stuff into boxes first yea? XD

In the mean time, muacks! Take care and stay safe.

P/S: I'm heading north to Penang 25-28th February with friends! *pray our hotel not haunted k?* =P

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