Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 21st!

I love you!

15th June 2009's a really special day for someone special... who could it be? *wink*


Life would be that little bit less interesting without him ^^

Let's see:

:: Hugs
:: Cheers
:: Motivation
:: Takoyaki/Okonomiyaki buddy
:: Fellow cosplay-er
:: Kaichou! =D

Most important of all, watashi no koibito =)

Hehe.... yea, what would we do without baka kaichou =P

Not to mention, he's the gise of the family... the club's very own scapegoat *big grin*

Silly 21 year old child at heart, I U!


Oh wait... that's the wrong one =P


P/S: Dear, check your email at the stroke of midnight ;)

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