Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just got back from a 2 day trip to PD. Still in the process of uploading the holiday photos, so here's some random ones I've yet to post up. Photobucket

Got these two lovelies from Black Queen in Asian Avenue. Definitely a steal @ RM 1 each.

Yellow necklace from Asian Avenue. It's the secret ingredient to spicing up black outfits!
*butterfly shape courtesy of moi* Photobucket

Chicken Katsu Don. My all-time fav Sushi Groove dish. Photobucket

*messy hair XD *

After KBU's Rave Party. Had a wild time there dancing & hanging out + got to meet Jason... so it was definitely worth going to. Thanks Bernie!

Cawaii for the Taiwanese market. There was a feature of Cecil McBee's fashion items... how could I resist not getting it? Photobucket

! He's coming back from Russia for a holiday real soon. Time to start planning a group hang out. Photobucket


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